Valentine’s Pop


Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you are in love, you love this day. If you are in a relationship that seems to be working, you like this day. If you are not in a relationship of any kind, Valentine’s Day sucks. This post is for those of you that are in love. Whatever else that may be going on, you are on top of the world. You spend your days enchanted, and your world has been transformed into little candy hearts with cute messages. Lucky lucky you!!! But you need a soundtrack. I have selected ten songs that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. I’m sure you can track them down and play them for your sweetheart. You probably have an app for that.

1. My Funny Valentine – there are a million versions of this one out there. It is the ultimate Valentine. I prefer Chet Baker’s version, but Miles Davis and Frank Sinatra have killer versions, and more recently, Elvis Costello and Diana Krall have nice versions.

2. And I Love Her – Pure Paul. One of his best. Although this is a Beatles tune, it is actually just Paul McCartney. It has such an elegance about it, like something from an earlier age. This particular love song isn’t so silly.


3. Can’t Help Falling In Love – Pure Elvis. One of his best. Equally elegant, and be sure to find the original version. His live versions from the seventies lack the charm. The original recording captures the King at his most restrained. The voice is delicate.

4. Every Day I Write the Book – Pure Elvis. Costello that is. One of his best. This is a perfect pop song, in every respect. You are going to feel good after hearing this song. It lifts you up. This is the kind of book we all want to write, when love is fresh and beautiful.


5. Cherish – You need to be in love for this one. When I was in love this song was the perfect soundtrack. I prefer the original Association version, it has that magical quality that so many songs from the mid-sixties have. It describes a lovely sort of Strawberry Fields Forever kind of world.

6. Love Can Make You Happy – You really need to be in love for this one, it is unbearable otherwise. I recall hearing it on a sunny morning as I ate breakfast before going to school in 1969. I had a crush on a girl at school. It is by Mercy, a bit obscure, but keep searching! I love the harmony of the voices, capturing the optimism of 1969.

7. Close To You – Although this one has been played at way too many weddings, it still has it’s charms. Karen Carpenter’s voice comes through like the finest crystal, capturing that pure untarnished quality of love as it first blossoms.

8. Love – For those of you that prefer to avoid all the lace and candy hearts, this song’s simplicity and directness does the job. It is one of John Lennon’s most moving songs, You can sing it to your Yoko.

9. Here Comes My Girl – Tom Petty is bursting out of his jeans with joy as he sings about his new girlfriend. This one captures the thrill of new love when you are young and everything is before you.

10. Walking on Sunshine – This much disparaged hit from the eighties by Katrina and the Waves, isn’t so bad really. It has a lot of bright, happy energy which characterizes how young love feels. When you feel good this song gets you going. Otherwise you are going to think it sucks, like John Cusack does in High Fidelity.


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