Elvis’ Elusive Face


Who is this guy?

He almost looks like Elvis Presley. or perhaps a cross between Kirk Russell and Elvis Presley. Could it be Lisa Marie Presley’s son?

All of the above are wrong. This is a very expensive action figure of ….somebody. It is supposed to be Elvis Presley during his 1968 comeback special, but it doesn’t quite make it. Would you shell out over $300 for an action figure of someone who almost looks like Elvis Presley?

But I am being too hard on the manufacturer of this figure. It is very difficult to capture Elvis Presley’s face. I am sure his imitator’s struggle with this a great deal, but nobody struggles with it like the makers of action figures. Below are some attempts which I think come closer than the one above. But they show Elvis with eyes closed. That is cheating.

One of the better efforts is below, the Rockabilly Cat action figure, still the eyes are essentially closed. But this is pretty close, as you can see by looking at the picture of the real thing from 1957 shows. But check out the other two action figures. They aren’t even trying!! I don’t know, maybe I am being really picky, but I like my action figures to be as realistic as possible.

Even though Elvis had many different looks over his career, his face still had some basic characteristics. Why don’t you try it? See if you can draw a picture, or sculpt a bust of Elvis Presley. Then you will quickly discover how hard it is to capture that famous face. Here are a few more photos of Elvis for you to work from. You will get the hair right very easily, and possibly the mouth, the nose isn’t extremely hard, but the eyes are the hardest. Don’t place them too close together or you end up with Kurt Russell. Or is it something else? I don’t really know.


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