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In Praise of Starman


An awesome Starman action figure I can't find anywhere

 STARMAN, The forgotten Super Hero

Remember the original DC Comics’ Starman? I’m not talking about his son, Jack, who had his own Starman comic in the nineties, and may still for all I know. I am concerned here with Ted Knight, the scientist who invented the gravity rod, which was replaced by the cosmic rod. He didn’t have any super powers, it was all in the rod. Did you hear that ladies? But, primarily, as a child, I just liked his costume. Even though the yellow star on the red costume seems a bit Communist to me now. I liked the Buck Rogers fin on his head. The artist, Jack Burnley gave Starman that noble sort of Prince Valiant look, which I liked. I didn’t care about the plot. He was fun to look at. But there are some interesting facts about Starman worth noting. Did you know that he was involved in the Manhattan Project which developed the atomic bomb? He was so distraught over what he had helped create that he suffered a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized for many years. Although Starman had his own comic briefly, he was chiefly seen as a member of the Justice Society of America, the original DC gathering of super heroes which fought the Nazis and Japan among other things. Once in a while, DC would bring back the Justice Society, until finally, in the twenty first century they have their own comic once again. Starman’s son, Jack, became the new Starman in the nineties, but he didn’t have the nifty costume. The plots were better, though, but then, comics in recent decades have been more for adults than children. So I thought I would share my love of an often forgotten DC superhero of the golden age. Here are three panels of Starman comics.

The world driven insane by a band of metaphysical villains? I think this actually happened!



Supergirl foils me again


She has super intuition? Who knew?

Someday Supergirl will be mine!! I was going to post this great story about how Stock Photo Woman (see earlier posts), is actually Supergirl’s alter ego for the twenty-first century. I had caught her peeling off the fake black eye and..my God! Is that an S on her chest? Now that the real Supergirl is on to the hoax, I’ll have to say that the S stands for Stock. Oh, well…it was such a clever hoax. But it never pays to mess with Supergirl!! I didn’t count on her super intuition. She has super intuition? Who knew? Curses! Foiled again!

I have had a crush on Supergirl since I was a boy. It was that sexy little miniskirt she wore. Be honest, fellow baby boomers, didn’t it drive you nuts, too? I was just talking to Superman the other day (sure we know each other, why wouldn’t we?), and he told me that when he was Superboy, he’d fly behind her and try to catch a glimpse of her…” “Why didn’t you just use your x-ray vision?” I asked. “Oh I tried all that, but she wears lead-lined underpants!” “Smart girl!” I said, smirking. “You know, Russell, I could just give you a slight smack and your head would sail off and be in orbit in a fraction of a second!” “Yeah, but you won’t do that!” I said unconcerned. Superman is always making those idle threats. He should just grow up! Ok, I admit it. I made all that up.

But seriously, I have always been obsessed with the idea of a strong powerful woman. Without going into all the gruesome psychological underpinnings of this obsession, let’s just say I had a dominant, outgoing powerful mother. My Dad? He was shy, like me. I’m sure my mother was his Supergirl. But I loved it when women would kick butt. Wonder Woman was awesome too, but you had to be extra careful around her. You couldn’t be having all those horny thoughts about her nearly naked body because she might whip out her magic lasso and force you to tell the truth. Oops! How embarrassing! Catwoman was nice too, what a fox!, I mean cat, oh whatever. She was especially sexy with that whip. Who knew comics could be so kinky! But I really loved Batgirl, something about a girl in a cowl…it’s totally hot! Girls intrigued me from a very young age, I always wanted to know what they were thinking. They lived in a strange enchanted world, off limits to grubby little boys. Guys? They’re just guys, what can I say? I don’t know what women see in them really. I mean I like guys, I am one myself, but there is nothing mysterious or erotic, for me anyway, about guys. Women? Quite a different matter. They fascinate me! That is what lies at the heart of my when-is-this-going-to-end? Stock Photo Girl/Woman series. I just love thinking about beautiful women. You notice I never show my own picture? Why ruin a great romance with my ugly mug?

But I got off track, as usual. Supergirl knew this would happen. I would just end up humiliating myself yet again. Super intuition. Damn! How can I get around this problem? Wrap my head in aluminum foil? Nope. Tried that. I guess I will just have to get used to Supergirl knowing my every move. Oh, Supergirl! I just want one little ride on your back! Is that too much to ask? I know she heard me, she has super intuition!

Tough break Brainiac 5! I know how it feels.

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